XR309 Squat Rack

The Xline R XR309 Rack is perfect for a gym or a fitness club. The design provides an opportunity to work on the trapezius muscle, and also helps to train the quadriceps muscle of the thigh.

The design is equipped with cushion bearings, which do not require fixation to the floor and eliminate slipping. The exerciser is equipped with a reinforced stainless steel construction. The sports equipment is made of wear-resistant high quality parts.

Due to design features and material, you can intensively operate the structure, more than 12 hours a day. The structure is covered with powder enamel with electrostatic spraying.


Technical Specifications

Adjusting the countersno
Dimensions, mm1314x1640x1682
Purpose of usecommercial
Weight of the exercise machine, kg77
Rack colorgray
Rack typeUnder the bars
Maximum load, kg300
Maximum weight of poundage, kg300