XR220 Trapezius Row

Muscles: latissimus muscle and other muscles of the upper back.

Secondary load: biceps and shoulder muscles.

The X-line - an innovative and easy to use series of professional trainers. Austere simplicity of classic lines combined with modern original performance is present in every detail of the exercisers.

The ergonomic and compact exercise machines provide maximum ease of use. The X-Line series has incorporated the best of what exists on the market today. Attractive design, reliability and durability of the equipment design make the line attractive to customers of a gym and its owners.

The profile of the structure is 100x50x30 (mm).


Technical Specifications

Purpose of usecommercial
Groups of musclesuniversal
Dimensions LxWxH, mm1750х1010х913
Weight of the exercise machine, kg71
Maximum load, kg250
Type of exercisesThrust