V217 Smith Machine

Muscles: deltoids, triceps, trapezoid muscles, quadriceps, glutes.

Such exerciser would be a perfect equipment for an athlete of any direction of sport. In particular, it is extremely effective for the quadriceps muscle, thus building beautiful leg shape. The equipment is suitable both for men and women. Thuswise, male athletes will get defined and prominent leg muscles whilst women will have an opportunity to develop buttocks and thighs.

The structure is made in sophisticated black, silver and white design, giving a sleek look that fits in any interior. Smooth lines, classical shapes make the equipment elegant and appealing. A special attention was paid to architectural hardware, which in turn emphasized the shape of the exercisers. The handles are made of aluminium, making the device even more modern and up-to-date. This way, the series stands out among other equipment offered in the market.

The Verti Smith machine has the following technical characteristics:

  • 8 bearings eliminate any tilt distortion and provide smooth motion;
  • disk holders add additional comfort during a workout;
  • 60x60x3 (mm) structure profile;
  • 5 mm cable in a PVC shield with a maximum load of 800 kg;
  • 6 cushion step bearings.

Technical Specifications

Purpose of use commercial
Groups of muscles back, hands
Upholstery high-quality artificial leather
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 1737х1441х2207
Filler polyurethane foam
Maximum load, kg 2x125
Type of exercises Thrust