KF-S2 Station

The Explode is a professional sports equipment series which is aimed for the functional training, crossfit, and the power extreme.

The Explode sports set consists of various units and elements providing all the essential assets for an effective and comprehensive training. This workout complex helps an athlete to develop strength, stamina, physical alertness and flexibility. The Explode is suitable not only for personal training, but for groups up to 15 athletes as well.

Moreover, the sports equipment functionality provides advanced, thorough and effective training. Thus, such additional implements can be attached to the Explode complex: TRXs, dumbbells, a punching bag, a rope, power, push-up and squat racks, a pull-up bar, a monkey bar, crossfit boxes, step up platforms, expanders etc. Due to its multi functionality and a number of additional sports equipment the Explode workout complex can be absolutely adopted according to your needs and demands.

The following model (KF-S2) is remarkable among all the Explode series for its wide range of configuration options. Considering the size of the model, the Explode KF-S2 is capable of a rather impressive set of sports equipment. The Explode KF - S2 workout statio is a modern equipment that will complement any CrossFit centre, as well as would benefit any gym which is adapting to the requirements of modern fitness.

The Explode series of sports equipment is produced by the InterAtletika, the company which conquered not only national but european market as well. Therefore, the Explode series is exceptional for meeting strict quality requirements and offering excellent service performance. The series was successfully introduced on the national and world exhibitions and has already gained popularity among well-known athletes.


Technical Specifications

Mounts for expanders+
Weighing rack+
Shelf for medbola+
Necessary additional equipmentset of chrome-plated dumbbells, rope, medballs, expander, bar, punching bag, pulley handles
Rack for a rope+
Crossbeam for a punching bag+
Set of dumbbells attachment+
Dimensions LxWxH, mm5430 x 3191 x 3253
Number of training places15
Occupied area, sq.m.17th
Double block frame+
Handles for dynamic pulling+
Parallel bars+
Platform for rock climbing+
Wall bar+
Push up rack+
Monkey bar+
Турник "лесенка"+
Corner pullup bar+
Pullup bar (straight)+
Squat rack+
Step platform+
Med ball target+
T-type pulley row+