KF-S2.3 Station

The Explode is a revolutionary series of the well-known interAtletika, ukrainian sports equipment manufacturer. The models of the series is exclusively designed for functional training and power extreme. The workout complex is a set of different modules and elements, which altogether allow people of different age and physical condition to perform the exercises. What is more, the equipment meets all the functional training and safety requirements. Thus, the Explode series is a new trend in gyms and sports centres facilities.

The Explode is a sports set which provides all the conditions for effective, productive and comprehensive training, both individual and group (10 athletes maximum). Exercises on the Explode develop strength, flexibility, stamina and physical alertness. In addition, the multifunctional aspect of the complex allows a workout to be interesting and diverse. Such additional equipment can be attached to the complex:: a punching bag, a rope, dumbbells, TRXs, pulley-weights, step up platforms, push-up and squat racks, a pull-up bar, a monkey bar etc. Therefore, a wide range of exercises can be performed on the Explode complex: pull ups, push ups, deadlift, press, medicine ball and dumbbells exercises and so on. The distinctive feature of the KF - S2.3 model is its small size. The workout complex can be used by 8 athletes simultaneously. Despite of having a relatively small size, the equipment has versatile functionality. Therefore the KF - S2.3 model will be a great solution for gym of any size.

The Explode series is produced by the InterAtletika, a manufacturer that always keeps up with the times, introducing the up-to-date equipment not only to ukrainian customers but to international ones as well. The Explode workout complex was a result of rapidly growing popularity of functional training. The series was presented on many international and local exhibitions, as well as it is widely used in crossfit festivals and competitions all around the world. Furthermore, the athletes consider the Explode to be the best crossfit equipment on ukrainian and european market.


Technical Specifications

Mounts for expanders+
Weighing rack+
Shelf for medbola+
Necessary additional equipmentRope, medbola, expander
Rack for a rope+
Crossbeam for a punching bag-
Set of dumbbells attachment-
Dimensions LxWxH, mm4324 x 1757 x 3253
Number of training places8
Occupied area, sq.m.7.6
Double block frame-
Handles for dynamic pulling+
Parallel bars-
Platform for rock climbing+
Wall bar+
Push up rack-
Monkey bar+
Турник "лесенка"+
Corner pullup bar+
Pullup bar (straight)-
Squat rack-
Step platform-
Med ball target+
T-type pulley row-