CROSS 4000 / 4100 - Elliptical Trainer

Similar to jogging, the Elliptical Trainer allows for efficient training of the cardiovascular system. However, while each step must be cushioned by the joints during walking, the soft, elliptical pedal movements of the CROSS 4000/4100 significantly reduce these loads: Absorbing the impact after the flight phase is no longer required here.

The elliptical movement of the CROSS 4000 is very steep and short.


Technical Specifications

Display parametersWATT, PULSE, TIME, DIST., 1/MIN, KCAL, add. POINTS (for 4000 / 4100 S, 4000 / 4100 S MED)
Workout programsMANUAL, Manual Countdown, CARDIO, PROFILES
Standards and DirectivesPlease contact us to get more details about all relevant standards and directives
Dimensions(L/W/H cm) 185/66/180
Weight approx.95 kg
RPM15 - 200 Steps /min
Performance Range15 - 200 Levels
Incrementsincrements of 5
Max. user weight200 kg
Power connection230 V (except devices with the addition SP)
Specific characteristicsSafety Stop System, Workout with forward and reverse motion

Device is available in the following variants: