CIRCLE 4000 / 4100 - Upper body ergometer

The CIRCLE 4000/4100 allows for training of endurance and upper body musculature in different positions - in a classic sitting position, and also standing or sitting in a wheelchair.

When designing the CIRCLE, we have cooperated with the Manfred Sauer Foundation, which provides support to disabled people with their jobs. This collaboration resulted in many practical solutions being incorporated into the product, such as the convenient ball handles.

Faster conversion for maximum flexibility: changing the seat position is easy thanks to the simple folding mechanism.


Technical Specifications

Display parametersWATT, PULSE, TIME, DIST., 1/MIN, KCAL, add. POINTS (for 4000 / 4100 S, 4000 / 4100 S MED)
Workout programsMANUAL, Manual Countdown, CARDIO, PROFILES
Standards and DirectivesPlease contact us to get more details about all relevant standards and directives
Dimensions (L/W/H cm)165.5/63.5/152
Weightapprox. 115 kg
RPM20 - 120 rpm
Performance Range15 - 400 W
Increments5 W
Accuracy10 % (for 4000 / 4100, 4000 / 4100 S), 5% to 200 W, from 200 W 10 % (for 4000 / 4100 MED, 4000 / 4100 S MED)
Max. user Weight200 kg
Power connection230 V
Specific characteristicsforward or backward movement possible, sitting or standing position, length of crank handles is variable, diagonal/parallel handle position, innovative ball handle, foldable seat for wheelchair users

Device is available in the following variants: